jeunesse global

If you have successfully completed Step 2, welcome onboard to Jeunesse Global with our global team!  We have members from 5 different continents in our team.

Members of our team enjoy privileges that many others wish they have.

We look forward to communicating with you in our secret Facebook Groups and Members’ Site.  You will learn from the online videos in our Members’ Site and LIVE Webinars that we hold on a regular basis.

We can also support you with LIVE events if you decide to scale up your activities one day.  Otherwise, you could simply start your business online with your smart phone!

To join the PASSIVE WEALTH GROUP, you need to fill up the below form for verification : after your have successfully enrolled as a distributor through the 3 step process.

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After you have successfully signed up as a Jeunesse Distributor, send an email to , with the subject “Just signed up as a distributor” , and provide your Jeunesse URL that you have created for yourself.

In your email, please also indicate your Facebook Profile url and request to be added to our Facebook Group.


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