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If you are NOT from Malaysia, please click on below yellow button.

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 NOTE: If you’re from Malaysia, CLICK HERE instead 

This step basically fills up an online form.  After you have filled up your personal details, you will select the Starter Kit (which is your eCommerce site) and a One Time Package.  You can choose from Basic to the highest package in your choices.

Those who opts for any of the Jumbo or above packages will enjoy the entire online training and automation system.

The video guides you in filling up the online registration. (You may disregard about the Sponsor ID that appears in your online form as you will be part of OUR TEAM’s active global network once you enroll through the 3 Steps Process.)

Once you are ready, click on the YELLOW BUTTON to register. 

Upon successful registration as a Jeunesse distributor in our team, you will have privileged access to our members’ site to start learning about the business online.


This platform is only available to members who join the 5 STAR OPPORTUNITY Group through our links in this website.  After you have successfully signed up as a Jeunesse distributor, proceed next to Step 3.

Team Member’s Privilege

After successful enrollment as a Jeunesse Distributor in our team, you may proceed to Step 3 to request for your privileged Membership Site login details.

Please note that this training and support system is only available as a privilege to you.*  You can be from any part of the world and we are able to connect with you online and in real life through a verification system in Step 3.

*Provided that you have successfully completed payment to Jeunesse Global to become a distributor using ONLY the links shown in this 3 Step Process.

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